Platform for local and global creatives. Bringing their fascinating work to be seen.
This edition pays special attention to the circularity of materials through a fascination with fibers.
The focus is on unique items and limited series. Experiments with materials and techniques that lead to objects that are fair trade.
We are happy sharing these upcoming talents with you

Looking for new challenges and experiences for the new exhibition, we wanted to push boundaries. It never hurts to shift your focus, so the idea grew: 'local versus global' - fair and sustainable uses of materials. After an expanded fifth edition, there was a desire to seek more intimate atmospheres. Fewer designers, but more extensive and in-depth explorations. And to work in the tension between local and global.

The focus on circular and natural materials remains a priority. We all know that reducing our environmental impact is currently a top priority. But on top of that we want to stimulate an awareness about our consumption behavior. Hot topic today.

I have a fondness for objects that touch you immediately, sometimes you can't explain why, but they stick in your mind. I experienced this feeling when I saw a picture of Rosana Escobar's work. She processes recycled fibers from coffee bags into poetic objects.

Rosana Escobar's work and material research around fique explores a new context of creation, separated from the global production chain. Influenced by her biology background, Rosana's work focuses on the study of natural fibers. She explores opportunities in the in-between stage of the fiber as well as local crafts developed around it. The local narrative becomes a part of her outcome, giving the material a new meaning and language.

I'm glad to share Hanne's story. Hanne studied fashion at the Antwerp Academy of Fine Arts and then launched her fashion label Ti+Hann. But it didn't stop there. During a long trip to Guatemala for a new textile project, QUE ONDA VOS, Hanne fell under the spell of the craft mastered by many artisans there. They weave with threads and fibers they color naturally themselves. Hanne decided to work with these artisans and make her label completely fair trade.

QUE ONDA VOS is about deep respect.

Hanne develops hand-woven products in collaboration with indigenous people. By using their traditional spinning and weaving techniques, natural materials, and dyeing techniques, she seeks to raise awareness about conscious consumption.

Visitors to previous editions know my weakness for ceramics. Liesbet has been showcasing her beautifully balanced tableware for several editions. Now she combines her two strong talents into a magical combination: ceramics and graphics. Her designs combine beautiful patterns on pared-down shapes are breathtaking...

Ana María's work is not new to us, but she knows how to surprise us with new collaborations. She recently collaborated with Evelyn, who is intrigued by utensils whose shape is close to its functionality. Her designs reveal a certain tension between form and function.

I visited them in their studio in a magnificent building in Molenbeek, Brussels - you often find hidden gems like this in Brussels! We talked about their collaboration, and I felt honored to be part of their dialogue about their work. New ideas and trust grew on the spot; it was beautiful to see.

The core of amgs is to experiment with the visual, tactile, and spatial dimension of textiles, which combine nicely with shapes and forms from Evelyn.

For five years, I've insisted on showcasing young Belgian talent. It was a personal effort to bring together young talent from across language borders. I realize more than ever that we can also tackle other interesting boxes - it's also about raising awareness about our consumption behaviour, paying attention to natural materials and processes, fair trade...and what we offer here can have an impact on artisans around the world. The difference starts here and now.

I am proud to exhibit the work of these designers in an unforced environment. There's an excess of young talent who want to meet up with others and share inspiring stories - background and language don't matter; it's a fascinating mix that brings interesting dialogue about beautiful objects and stimulates an awareness. In any case, B-collective wants to highlight the work of young talent - strong up-and-coming designers - for this edition more than ever, we want to involve everyone's future: designers, artisans, our environment,… as full-fledged players on top of aesthetics. What makes that design consciously or unconsciously move the future forward and trigger our attention?

From 12 September 2024 till 29 September 2024

Thursday, Friday and Saturday free entrance from 01pm till 06pm
Wednesday’s by appointment

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