Meet the Designers

Anthony Leenders

"Matter and object are characters at play. As entities they resonate otherly landscapes and states of being.
Calling out to worlds beyond their physical state."

©photo Designmuseum | Kristof Thomas | Laetitia devos

Dries Truyers

"For me playing, combining and experimenting creatively with ordinary and unusual materials is one of the most fascinating aspects of furniture design."

©photo Thibeau scarceriaux | Anwyn-Howarth

Laure Kasiers 

“Les motifs naissent naturellement du geste posé. Les formes organiques, irrégulières, singulières qui en résultent semblent sorties tout droit de la nature. J’aime que mes créations, dans lesquelles couleurs et dessins se combinent librement, titillent l’imaginaire."

©photo Serge-Brison | Laure Kasiers

Athur Vandergucht

"I grew up in my father’s garage, where I saw him working with car parts. I remember seeing so much sheet metal being repaired and restored that I got fascinated by the many possibilities the material offers."

©photo Jeroen Verrecht

Bento Architects

"collectif d'architecture et de recherche de matériaux innovants, géosourcés et biosourcés"

©photo Bento architecture

Marijke Jans

“Kaffa looks at the potential of coffee grounds and investigates the meaning of coffee in our society. coffee is meant to connect and reconnect people. "

©photo Thibeau scarceriaux

Robin Berrewaerts

"The transformation of wood from a tree to an object resembles a conversation, a journey, always searching for the right way to use time and tools. The act of making the piece black, whether oxidizing, burning or painting finalizes the work."

©photo portret: Robin Berrewaerts

Liesbet Lutin

"Playground. I create colourful ceramic objects that can be seen as functional or just aesthetic. 
Exploring the boundaries of optical illusion is one of the themes in my recent work."

©photo Liesbet Lutin

Charlotte Van de Velde

"Collecting jewellery parts, in search for pieces that complete one another, is at the core of my practice. The found items are revalued by assembling and transforming them, with attention to detail and imperfection."

©photo Charlotte Van de Velde

Jessie Boooth 

“Printed, fossilized, bizarre, viscous, organic, synthetic: exploring the infinite possibilities of textures with clay"

©photo Jessie Boooth 

Design in residence_2023

05.10 > 14.10

vernissage 05.10.23 | 06pm > 10pm

Ana Maria Gomez
& Dewi Brunet

Fondation Boghossian – Villa Empain, exposition Duos en Résonances, Bruxelles, 2023

insta: anamgomezsuarez
insta: dewiorigami

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