Meet the Designers

Rosana Escobar

Influenced by a Biology background and following a contextual design practice, Rosana’s work focuses on the study of natural fibers. Considering materials as part of living ecosystems, she investigates and documents the source, handling and processing of a material, to explore opportunities in the in between stages of the fiber, aswell as the local crafts developed around it, bringing forward the narrative as part of the outcome.

insta: escobaryrosas

Secondary RAW

collaboration Rosana Escobar and Zoa Rosenkranz

insta: secondaryraw


QUE ONDA VOS (Guatemalan street slang) = YO WHAT'S UP?
Design + handmade + fair trade
Design by Hanne De Wyngaert / Antwerp
Handmade by Mayan weavers / Guatemala
Story of the handspun, natural dyed, handwoven wool rugs & blanket
QUE ONDA VOS is about respect

insta: queondavos

Ana María Gómez & Evelyn Vanoverbeke 

Evelyn invites the user to engage in a close relationship with her objects. Although she is intrigued by utensils of which the shape is close to its functionality, her designs reveal a certain tension between form and function.
Ana María Gómez is a textile designer. In recent years she has been experimenting in different ways with textile based on an awareness of different cultural and social worlds. The core of amgs is to experiment with the visual, tactile and spatial dimension of textiles.

insta: anamgomezsuarez

insta: evelynvanoverbeke

Liesbet Lutin

Playground. I create colourful ceramic objects that can be seen as functional or just aesthetic. 
Exploring the boundaries of optical illusion is one of the themes in my recent work."

insta: lutin_liesbet

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