Meet the Designers

Victor Ledure

"Exploring the nature of space, he works sculpturally to distill Earth’s value into its purest form. He seeks to base his work around the base of the planet itself and molds it into sculptures, objects and furniture. Challenging our view of the ordinary and our interpretation of the world we base our daily lives upon."

©photo Wouter Willemyns

Studio NAS

"Modularity is fun"

©photo Anas Kereknaoui


"I’m fascinated with traditional textiles; this is often a big inspiration at the point where I start my creative process."

©photo Alexandra Colmenares

Thibeau Scarceriaux

"My work tells stories about subjects that we do not dwell on, they are stimulated to think and talk about these "taboos" on the basis of functional objects and art."

©photo Thibeau Scarceriaux

Fie Malem

"You can build a house with bricks but you build a home with textiles"

©photo Cheyenne Dekeyser

Liesbet Lutin

"in search of color, shape and functionality”

©photo Liesbet Lutin


“Our objects invite you to take a piece of Brussels home with you"

©photo lies Van Ginderachter

L’Ocrier Studio

"Nous aimons que la lecture de nos pièces soit simple et qu’on y retrouve une certaine logique. 
Un joli mix entre une inspiration des courbes emblématiques des années 70 et un design contemporain dessiné et conçu en accord avec les contraintes que les matériaux et les outils nous imposent."

©photo Maxime

Lou van 't Riet

"Through her creations Lou invites the viewer to become an active part of the work by manipulating it."

©photo Eline Willaert: Courtesy Galerie Aliénor Prouvost

Design in residence_2021

21.10 > 30.10

Leila Hassouna & BLEND Zaventem Ateliers

vernissage 22.10 6pm > 22pm

Leila Hassouna

Structures, a variety of shapes, collage and care for detail

insta: leilahassounaleila


Blend is a stool made up of thousands waste’s fragments, residues of production from all workshops of Zaventem Ateliers.

insta: zaventemateliers

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